#WeeklyWhimsy — No Shame

Fashion is about feeling free. When did people start taking it so seriously?

When our founder, Cheyma, started this brand in 2014, she was worried that she’d have to be a slave to the system.

With seasonal methods in place — harder to remove than that coffee stain on your favorite pair of pants — she was gravely aware of the risk of becoming another cog in the fast fashion machine. Spring to summer, fall to winter, Fashion Weeks and lifeless productivity… it didn’t make sense.

She knew the Cheyma brand needed to scrub it all out.

As the next step in our efforts against the perpetually harmful cycle against couture culture, we’re saying see-ya to seasonality. Cheyma is committed to offering its collections from over the years at all times of the year.

For the daydreamers hoping to stay comfy in their winter coats this Spring, or to light up Christmas dinner with a summer skirt, we want you to know we’re in your corner.

Along with our made-to-order efforts, our reusing of fabric stocks, reducing the number of pieces produced, and emphasizing the individual, we want to make the heavy load of catwalk culture light enough to carry — just like our clothing.

It may not be an all-encompassing reality, but a free-flowing fashion calendar is just another delightfully defiant peg in what it means to be a part of the #CheymaGang. It’s putting forth your special form of beauty for the sake of it. Not for everyone else. For yourself.

Shop the newest collection, Midnight Sun, now.

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