#WeeklyWhimsy — Merci.

We hope you’re having an enchanting autumn, Cheyma Gang!

As November leaves with the fall breeze, those of us in the States have had some timely reminders to reflect on what we’re most thankful for.

Outside of feasting on turkeys or scarfing down so much stuffing that our buttons popped — though plenty of us did that, too — Thanksgiving helped us reflect on what Cheyma cares about most: our loyal, lovely wearers.


After the brand’s founder, Cheyma, gained her experience working with luxury brands a few short years ago, she knew that if she were to start one of her own, it would need to empower and enliven anyone who picked up a piece with the unabashed airiness of life’s lightest moments.

Between every Cheyma project after Misty Romance or before Unknown Shore and Midnight Sun, love and care have been, and will be, ever-present. We like to think it has gone a long way.


But, little could we have known, the true catalyst of the carefree feelings she sought to surmise would be the community itself!

Every post from a #CheymaGirl or the #CheymaGang makes Cheyma’s dreams of spreading feel-good empowerment and positivity a reality. The confidence and one-of-a-kind looks you pull off bring our garments to life.


Your continuous support, through good times and bad, eclipses any obstacle. You do so much for us, and we want you to know the plainest truth…

C’est pour vous.


The Cheyma Team

@yana_yako @amel_kdr_muse

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