#WeeklyWhimsy — Comfort in the “Q”

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

For many, the big “Q” began with exercises in intent and productivity. A few short months ago, you may have started the day off with a healthily early 8 a.m. alarm. After a hop in the shower and your morning beauty routine, you’d go the extra mile and get fully dressed in work clothes (shoes, too) as if you were headed out. Then, of course, you’d plop down at the desk and get to tasking. Sustainable, right?

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But there’s a reality that has to be faced about as often as we’ve had to look in the living room mirror lately: it has been a long time stuck at home.

Now at the year’s end, the only bodily maintenance for many has been beauty sleep — a lot of it. The morning alarms have faded, and the night owls are more widespread than ever. Even with all the time in the world, it feels like crunch time.

If you can relate, odds are that the changes have crept into your closet, too. That hoodie you’ve worn for two weeks straight? You might have it on again tomorrow. But so what? Who says we have to sacrifice comfort for style?

It’s an attitude that has spread through a shared at-home experience. Trends like athleisure — workout loungewear — are normalizing comfort culture. More people are trading collars for drawstrings and, for once, no one need worry about others batting an eye because most can relate. It’s about time.

Between joggers and sweaters like our very own at Cheyma, there’s more than enough room for softness among extravagance. If anything, it makes business casual feel all the more sophisticated.

Wearing them combines comfort and a fashion-forward focus — we want the Cheyma Gang to feel as good as they look. Fitted with an urban edge as perfect for the streets as beneath your sheets, the Midnight Sun collection’s functional elegance was made to aid in creating the best feelings this winter in spite of any cabin fever.

Whether you actually end up wearing pants for that Zoom meeting or not, take pride in the polyester and take comfort in the cotton. Fuzziness is quite a feeling.

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