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Updated: Nov 17, 2020

With trends spawning off the catwalk, cropping up in retail stores and disappearing as quickly as they came, it’s no secret: the industry’s suffering in the realm of eco-consciousness. Fashion’s moving faster than ever — we think we can do better.

Cheyma would rather sprinkle a sense of sustainability into our pieces, so we’ve adopted the made-to-order model in France.

Our clothing will be specially personalized to each customer’s needs on an individual basis, trading the large carbon footprint brought on by making clothes ready-to-wear in standardized sizes for an eco-friendly impression. That means less waste, and more styles ending up in your closet instead of a landfill.

This production model aligns with our roots and only hones in on what our founder, Cheyma, was doing from the start: custom production to order.

Between recycling fabrics from local manufacturers, upcycling deadstock materials from Parisian luxury brands and prioritizing the welfare and diversity of our dedicated staff, we want the #CheymaGang to know that we’re in this for the long, ecological haul. And everything is, of course, 100% made in Paris with love and care.

We take delight in our creative process, which is anything but random. Our creative values — whimsicality, serendipity and ethereality — hinge on intent. Made-to-order ensures that each item teems with peak originality and delicacy. With a world’s worth of uncertainty, Cheyma hopes to empower its wearers with a flightiness and freedom sewn into every individualized thread.

Quality is our priority — with a touch of whimsy, always.

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