This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for, and since it’s currently the Fashion Week here in Paris we’ve decided to share the new FW 2018/2019 collection.

Last week we gave out a few clues about the new collection’s atmosphere and theme… Winter is upon us and we feel the need to warm up with IMPERIAL LOVE !

Most of our Artistic Director‘s inspirations came from her travels. This year our adventurous designer’s favorite place to be is Russia, more precisely Moscow !

As you all know it gets pretty cold over there during winter, so we’ve decided to warm up our hearts with our New FW Collection:

I M P E R I A L   LV E

Our lovely Artistic Director, @btscheyma, the very first #CheymaGirl, in her favorite Tulle & Hearts Tutu, in front of Saint Basil’s Cathedral.

Russian Architecture

From onion domes to baroque masterpieces, Russian architecture is distinctive and instantly recognizable just like a #CheymaGirl. The different colors and voluminous buildings and churches were a big inspiration for our designer.  They do indeed look like castles from Disneyland !  A whimsical and serendipitous architecture just like Cheyma’s pieces..

The pictures above were taken by Cheyma in Moscow during her last visit this February. (@btscheyma)


Anastasia is a 1997 animated musical fantasy. The movie is an adaptation of the legend of Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia, and fictionalizes her escape from her family’s execution. She’s depicted like a strong, fierce and empowered young woman just like our #CheymaGirls.

 Pastel colors, tiaras, and the beauty of Russia depicted in this movie particularly inspired our designer. We want our #CheymaGirls to feel like real Duchesses, being true to themselves with the whimsicality of their youth.


This season, since it’s winter, our artistic director was inspired by the Russian landscape and chose pastel and cold colors.  Royal colors such as green and blue have made their place in CHEYMA’s new collection. Pink and white still have a strong place in our collection without forgetting our statement ‘hearts’ print !


Royal like and luxions fabrics are in the spotlight such as Silk, pleated Silk, Brocarde, lace, sequins and of course one of our favorites Tulle.

For our more casual items we chose Jersey and we even put some soft tulle in this new collection.

#CheymaGirls are you ready for our New Collection ? Because we are !

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#CheymaGirl @inesaktouf wearing a full IMPERIAL LOVE Look at our Showroom !