#CheymaGirls this is our new appointment! Each month, we will highlight a key piece from our collections and detail for you the perfect look to match it.


5 reasons to wear it in April:

1) Cast not a clout till may is out
Although sunny days are back in Paris, beware of late afternoon breezes that could have you sneeze

2) Bring the atmosphere of Coachella into your everyday life
If you look with envy or disgust at it-girls walking in the aisles of Coachella, know that nothing prevents you to be as stylish as they are… The Fringe Galore Jacket is there to bring a Californian touch to all your looks

3) Rock or bohemian?
Tested and approved by the Cheyma team, this jacket adapts to all styles. Worn with black boots and pants, it will be the finishing touch of your rock looks, or bohemian with a long flowy dress

4) Denim in spring, it’s still a classic …!
The denim jacket is the MUST HAVE for spring, this Fringe Galore Jacket will stand out from the others with its pretty Fringes, a detail that makes all the difference;)

5) And if you’re not convinced yet … the Rose version is for you!