#CheymaGirls x PFW

This week #CheymaGirls are everywhere sharing their love and good energy. Paris Fashion Week allows influencers to show off their most daring looks and look fashionable as always.

We’d love to share a few of our favorite #CheymaGirls wearing some of our new pieces but also some of are past collections.


♡ #CheymaGirl @meggypyanee, Miss Ile-de-France 2016, wearing our Kalinka set from our FW 2018/2019 collection: Imperial Love  

@meggypyanee, wearing our Tulle & Hearts Maxi Skirt from our FW 2018/2019 collection:  Imperial Love 

@meggypyanee, wearing our Tulle & Hearts Maxi Skirt from our FW 2018/2019 collection:  Imperial Love 

 ♡ Our Artistic Director, @btscheyma, wearing our Tulle & Hearts Tutu in Dusty White from our SS 2018 collection: Blooming Desert 


 #CheymaGirl @inesaktouf, also wearing our Kalinka Set from our FW 2018/2019 Collection Imperial Love with our Silk Blouse from our SS 2018 collection: Blooming Desert 

♡ #CheymaGirls @desnjen, wearing our Maxi Tulle Skirt and our Tulle & Hearts Princess Dress from our FW 2018/2019 collectionImperial Love.  

#CheymaGirl @patriciagloriacontreras wearing our Maxi Tulle Skirt from ou FW 2018/2019 collection: Imperial Love 

♡ #CheymaGirl @Nedazarrabiwearing our Let Them Eat Cake Blouse from our SS 2018 collectionBlooming Desert 


♡ #CheymaGirl @ymenekachaou, wearing pieces from our SS 2018 collection Blooming Desert for the special PFW with Fashion Forward Dubai 

♡ LOOK N°1:

Fringe Galore Jacket in Blue Denim.

Let Them Eat Cake Pants in Baby Blue.

CHEYMA Sports Bra in White.

CHEYMA Choker in White/Grey.

♡ LOOK N°2:

Fringe Galore Jacket in Pink Sunrise.

Tulle & Hearts Tutu in Pink Sunrise.

CHEYMA Sports Bra in Grey.