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Fashion With a Touch of Whimsy

Spring/Summer 2018

Blooming Desert

Our new Spring/Summer 2018 collection will have you travel within the most subtle layers of softness, femininity and happiness. Dive into Blooming Desert, the sweet oxymoron of the childhood dreams combined with the powerful minimalism of womanhood, the blossom of colors and the simplicity of the desert.

Photographer: Rodolphe Bricard

#CheymaGirl: Maïté Lefèbvre

Make Up & Hair: Ouafae Lahmami

Jewellery: Tamarzizt

Shoes: Zyne

Style: Imogen Leroux

Assistant: Charlotte Gaussuron

Fall/Winter 2017-2018

Misty Romance

For this new Fall/Winter collection, our sweet and light atmosphere has taken a dark turn. 

As the alter ego of Rococo Reverie, Misty Romance is inspired by powerful yet mischievous women. 

Cheyma's feminine pink signature will contrast with this magical foggy ambiance.

Photographer: Amel Kerkeni

#CheymaGirl: Anaëlle Duguet

Make Up & Hair: Soraya Chataigner

Jewellery: N2 by Les Néréïdes Paris

Style: Cheyma Ben Hassine

Assistants: Sara Lee Kanovitch / Agustina Perez Olivera

Spring/Summer 2017

Rococo Reverie

Rococo Reverie resolves around femininity and childhood.
The collection combines romantic aesthetics, inspired by the strong personality of Queen of France Marie-Antoinette, with the whimsicality of her youth and Cheyma's ever comfy-chic signature.


Photographer: Amel Kerkeni

#CheymaGirl: Styfen Levieux

Make Up & Hair: Hannah Nathalie

Style: Leila Roukni

High Heel Bunny Slippers: Streetzies 

Location: Château de Ferrières, France


Fall/Winter 2016/2017

Whimsy Canyon

Whimsy Canyon is the subtle mix of the mysterious charm of the desert and the craziness and haziness of the Western canyons. Shot in the Sahara desert, the collection is an ode to all the strong women out there, challenging the Queen of Saba inside them.

Photographer: Rodolphe Bricard

#CheymaGirl: Lilia Bekkar

Style: Cheyma Ben Hassine

Location: Tamanrasset, Sahara Desert