Adenostyle x Cheyma Part 3 - Q&A

On instagram you said Cheyma was one of your favorite brand. Why? And what are the others ? 

Adenostyle : Well, Cheyma is one of my favorite brands because it matches perfectly with my style, it also reflects Adenostyle's image : classy, fashion and pink. I have so many favorite brands actually! But I would say that Saint Laurent, Givenchy are my favorites when it comes to accessories (shoes and bags). I often dress at Maje, Iro and Self-Portrait, they're my favorites with Cheyma.


What is your favorite piece of clothes in the Misty Romance collection ? 

Adenostyle :  The Nebulous outfit, definitely! 


What makes you feel like a #CheymaGirl

Adenostyle : The comfort, elegance and sophistication. I love everything about Cheyma!


What is your perfect combo for a both comfortable and sophisticated outfit

Adenostyle : Off the shoulder top + ripped jeans + Gucci type mules or old school sneakers = perfect chic and comfortable outfit. 


How would you describe the famous French elegance ? 

Adenostyle :  The French touch is unique, modern and timeless fashion. 


Could you give us some of your fashion do and don't ? 

Adenostyle : My 2017 fashion dos are : Ruffles, Bohemian prints and pastels!

Don't : Animal print dresses (omg!), Yellow, and showing too much skin


Tell us about your funniest fashion experience !

Adenostyle : It was behind the Chanel fashion show, with a friend of mine who is a fashion blogger as well, we were just walking around and many photographers asked us to pose as if we were famous stars and people came out and asked for pictures, it was funny! 





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