Fall/Winter 2017 Fashion Trends

As a #CheymaGirl, your style is always on point and you're aware of every trend.

Here's a guide of this season latest trends, to help you keep up with your awesomeness.

(Trends approved by Vogue.fr)

1. Pink is the new black

Enough with black & grey winters! Switch these classics with a new basic: pink. But not just your average pink. Opt out for a light and pastel shade of our favorite color.

Seen elsewhere: Gucci.

2. All pleated everything

Feminine, romantic and bold, pleats are flattering and trendy.

Seen elsewhere: Valentino

3. Military style

Of course as a #CheymaGirl you portray romanticism, femininity and poetry, but you're also a fighter, you do not give up easily, you know what you want. And you do so elegantly, as a military at the service of style. Military? Sure, but in pink.

Seen elsewhere: Burberry

4. Satin life

Dare adding a satin touch to your wardrobe, to your whole life!

Seen elsewhere: Alberta Ferretti

5. Funny Fur

As if fur wasn't an statement bold enough, this Fall you'll have to make it stand out even more. (We love animals, we thus use synthetic furs).

Seen elsewhere: Chlo√© 

6. Ballerina

What could be more feminine than a ballerina silhouette? A ballerina silhouette in Cheyma.

Seen elsewhere: Valentino

7. Purple rain

Purple (AND pink, we can never repeat it too much) is one of this winter's it-color.

Seen elsewhere: Miu Miu

8. Flower Power

All-over prints are totally cool this season, especially flowers since we lack so much of them in wintertime.

Seen elsewhere: Vêtements

9. Prince(ss) of Wales

Some things can never go out of trend. That's the case for Prince of Wales patterns.

Seen elsewhere: Balenciaga

 10. Marie-Antoinette everywhere

She's our muse for the season, but it seems Carine Roitfeld also chose her (in the person of Rihanna) to illustrate her latest CR Fashion Book editorial and issue. Looks like the controversial Queen of France is the current it-girl. 


What's YOUR favorite trend of the season? Let us know in the comments below, we're curious to know.

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