Behind the Scene: Secret Photoshoot Location

After our hectic week in New York for NYFW and our official collection presentation there, we headed straight away to our secret photoshoot location to immortalize our new campaign, Whimsy Canyon.

Some of you guessed where the shooting took place, bravo! But the majority thought it was shot in the USA, in the canyon area, and others thought about African bushlands. Well, it was actually shot in l’Assekrem, Tamanrasset, Sahara Desert!

What a wonderful experience it was. Magnificent landscapes of stones and mountains, rock desert and infinite pebble views, oneness and nothingness all alike.

Of course, there was no network there, so bad for Snapchatting and Instagramming behind the scenes and sneak-peeks, so good for your soul, for finding your lost self, for just BEING. We’re not gonna lie, we were all very excited when we heard our phones buzzing and ringing when the network came back after our 4 days of spiritual fashion retreat.